Vaginal infection

The most common symptoms of vaginal infections

  1. Change in vaginal secretions: they become more abundant, change color with shades of gray, yellow or green and give off an unpleasant odor.
  2. Discomfort in the genital area: most often there is pain, tingling and itching of the vagina, but also irritation, swelling and redness of the intimate area. Some women may experience more serious unpleasant reactions such as burning and severe pain, especially during sex and before menstruation.
  3. The need to urinate often: to this discomfort is added pain and tingling when urinating. The urine can in some cases have an embarrassing odor and a red, orange or brown color.

If you notice such changes, it is necessary to perform a vaginal discharge test as soon as possible.

What are vaginal infections?

Vaginal infection occurs when the balance of the vaginal microenvironment is destabilized by a bacterium, which affects the acidity of the pH and, therefore, decreases the number of vaginal lactobacilli.

90% of cases of vaginal infections are diagnosed with bacterial vaginitis (gardnerella vaginalis), trichomoniasis (trichomonas vaginalis) and candidiasis (candida albicans). Only a specialist can tell you exactly what type of genital infection you have developed, especially since most of the symptoms are often the same.

How do vaginal infections occur?

Most often, vaginal infections are contracted after unprotected sex with partners who carry the bacteria.

Among the causes of the development of such a complication are antibiotic treatments, the use of birth control pills, the use of intravaginal preparations and spermicides, a deficient immune system, obesity, excessive or inadequate hygiene, the use of scented intimate products or tampons and foreign bodies inserted into the vagina.

How are vaginal infections treated?

It should be noted that all infections are transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, but there are some that are initially fungal in nature and later become a source of infection for the sexual partner, while others are transmitted mainly through sex with carriers.

Don’t rely on the advice of friends and relatives to treat a vaginal infection. Do not treat this problem superficially, because an ignored infection can lead to serious complications.

The recommended solution for treating any type of vaginal infection is to consult a professional, who will recommend a personalized treatment. Sanned clinic offers consultations at any time, which will allow you to receive a correct and reliable diagnosis.







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