Urinary tract infection and treatment


Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria from outside the urinary tract enter the urethra and multiply. Many bacterial infections are caused by Escherichia-Coli, but other bacteria may be involved.

There are also non-infectious factors that can cause inflammation of the bladder. For example, various diseases of the kidney (eg: kidney stones), genital (enlarged prostate), bladder or diabetes can lead to associated cystitis.



Symptoms vary from woman to woman, but the most common manifestations are:

    • pain while urinating
    • pollakiuria (frequent urination)
    • lower back pain
    • hematuria (blood in the urine)
    • dysuria (difficult urinary excretion)
    • small amount of urine excreted each time
    • dark, cloudy and sometimes bloody urine
    • sometimes the urine has a pungent odor
    • pain during intercourse
    • lack of energy, poor general condition, sometimes feverish


The diagnosis is established following a consultation with a health professional in our clinic and a positive result of the analysis and urine cultures.


In most cases of UTI, administration of antibiotics is recommended. The duration of treatment and the choice of drug depend on the symptoms, the person’s health condition and the type of bacteria present in the urine. Frequently, the symptoms disappear after a few days, but it is advisable to follow the treatment until the end, to make sure that the bacteria have been eliminated. In mild cases, treatment may take 1-3 days, while moderate to severe infections may take several weeks. We may also recommend a painkiller to reduce pain when you urinate. For severe cases, antibiotics are given intravenously.


The surest ways to prevent urinary tract infections are local hygiene and drinking fluids, especially water and tea. Fluids will help dilute the urine, and increasing the frequency of urination will cause bacteria to be cleared from the urinary tract more quickly.





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