Smoking cessation

If you are ready to quit smoking and can answer this question, your chances will increase dramatically. If you don’t feel ready yet, but still want to do it, keep preparing, keep learning about what it means to quit smoking and you will succeed.

Preparing to quit smoking involves practical elements. It’s not a test of willpower and it’s also about planning.

We don’t recommend relying on willpower alone. There are different ways to quit smoking. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle. And remember, you can always combine methods.

Choose the day to quit smoking:

  • Choose a date when you decide to quit smoking, don’t procrastinate!
  • Choose a date that suits you
  • Circle that date in your calendar
  • Make a firm commitment to quit smoking on that date

Choose the method:

  • Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle
  • You can combine methods
  • Ask for advice and support from our clinical nurses
  • Nicotine substitutes or other drugs

Avoid temptation:

  • Choose a low-stress day
  • Throw away all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays
  • Do not drink alcohol or coffee

Acquire help:

  • Ask those who will support you
  • Talk to them
  • Talk to someone who has been successful

Always remember why you quit smoking:

  • That there is not «just a cigarette»
  • That you want to exercise control
  • That you will be much healthier, non-smoker
  • Financially

In the first week:

  • To be busy
  • Find your daily routine, different
  • Stay in areas where smoking is prohibited
  • Stay outside a lot

For support in your approach or pharmacological assistance, you can make an appointment with our specialized nurse.


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