Referring program

Employee referrals are an increasingly popular system in the recruitment process Sanned. 

The referral system is an important and lucrative system for recruiting talent.

Sanned has two major advantages:

  • One of them is the creation of a team within the company, a team of people who know each other, have a connection between them, who feel good together and implicitly perform in this formula.
  • At the same time, the fact that our employees without hesitation recommend friends for employment in the company in which they operate, reveals a high degree of commitment and trust in the company of which they are part.

As for the value of the bonuses, it differs according to the complexity and criticality of the positions held.

Referring is simple and advantageous:

  1. Submit your application on our website.

  2. Please notify us that a reference has been submitted by email at

*The bonus is reserved for active employees of the company who refer a person in a full-time position.

* Bonus granted / employee / referred person.

*There is no limit to the number of referrals.

*The follow-up will be done with the human resources department.

*The bonus will be granted following the evaluation of the employee and after the 30-day probationary period.

*If, after the expiry of the trial period, the person remains in the company for the position for which he was hired, the bonus will be paid at the next salary.


Bonus 200$

Non-Nursing Professional

Bonus 200$

Nursing Assistant

Bonus 150$

Beneficiary Officer / ASSS

Bonus 100$


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