What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy has become an essential part of recovery and rehabilitation, and professional physiotherapists can be an invaluable aid in the lives of their patients. Physiotherapy has many benefits for people of all ages. It can be used to treat a number of medical issues and injuries. After sustaining an injury or medical condition, many people lose their mobility or are unable to function as before.

Physiotherapy provides benefits to people of all ages who have illnesses, medical conditions, or injuries that may limit their ability to move and function properly. A personalized physiotherapy program helps a person regain their previous level of function and mobility.

Additionally, physiotherapy can help people manage chronic illnesses as well as serious illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease. With a well-executed personalized physiotherapy program, the patient’s quality of life can be greatly improved. To help explain the benefits that physiotherapy can bring to our lives, this article will outline the incredible benefits of it.

Here are some of the benefits of physiotherapy

1. Relieves patient's pain

The main benefit of physical therapy is its ability to relieve patient’s pain. Physiotherapy uses various exercises and therapeutic techniques to improve joint mobility and reduce pain.

Exercises and treatments include ultrasound and the use of electrical currents to stimulate muscle and joint health.

Physiotherapy helps to relieve or eliminate pain and may prevent its recurrence.

2. Help patients avoid or prepare and recover after surgery

Many surgeries are performed to fix a problem that is causing chronic pain to the patient. Physiotherapy professionals tell us that pain relief results can help patients get rid of that discomfort or at least reduce it to the point where a person can live with the pain and not need intervention.

This can save you a lot of time and trouble at the doctor’s office looking for the perfect remedy. Physiotherapy sessions often produce better results than surgery.

3. Mobility issues?

Many people of all ages have mobility issues or walking problems and physiotherapy can help a lot. Physiotherapy uses therapeutic muscle stretching and joint strengthening exercises to dramatically improve mobility. In addition to these techniques, physiotherapists ensure that their patients have appropriate assistive devices, such as crutches or walkers, to help them lead a comfortable and more independent life.

4. Helps patients recover even after stroke

Patients who have suffered a stroke often lose functionality and mobility of the body. Physiotherapy helps patients regain the strength and control they lost following a stroke. The devastating effects of a stroke can seriously affect quality of life, and therefore a physiotherapist is very important in helping people get back to their normal routine.

Physiotherapy can help stroke patients improve their balance and allow them to perform all their normal daily activities, such as eating, dressing, walking up and down stairs, etc.

5. Helps athletes following injuries

Physiotherapists with specialized training constantly point out that different sports can cause body injuries, and they provide advice on how to prevent these injuries. It is important for athletes to strengthen the specific muscles and joints that are most used in their sport. Many professional sports teams have physiotherapists who are practically part of the extended team and whose job is to take care of their players and do everything possible to prevent injuries.
Physiotherapists can also help professional athletes recover as quickly as possible from injuries sustained during a game or training and perform at a high level. An injury can seriously threaten an athlete’s career opportunities, which is why it is so vital that they receive quality physical therapy, both to prevent injury or to help them recover from an injury.

6. Help people live with chronic illness

Physiotherapy is a great way to help people cope with the symptoms of chronic illnesses. For example, physiotherapy can help people with diabetes. This disease can cause a lot of discomfort and pain in the lower parts of the body. Physiotherapy involves helping teach them how to take care of their feet to prevent pain and discomfort.

7. Women's Health and Physiotherapy

Women have specific health issues such as pregnancy and postpartum care. The physiotherapists at our clinic offer specialized care for women’s health issues through a series of specific procedures.

8. Cardiac rehabilitation

While patients are completing cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or procedure, physical therapy can be administered if body function is impaired. For pulmonary problems, physical therapy helps improve quality of life through conditioning, strengthening and breathing exercises.

9. Physiotherapy and management of age-related problems

As a person ages, may develop osteoporosis or arthritis, or need joint replacement surgery. Physiotherapists are the experts in helping their patients recover from joint replacement surgery, manage osteoporosis and arthritis.

In addition, physiotherapy can provide specialized treatment for: breast cancer, fibromyalgia, constipation, lymphedema, pelvic pain, male pelvic health and urinary incontinence.

Physiotherapy has many excellent benefits and can be used for a variety of conditions and applications. Physical therapy can be used as an excellent preventive treatment, for post-surgical or injury recovery, and to help people live with chronic illness.

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed, contact the team of physical therapists at Sanned Medical Clinic and see how they can help you.


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