Ambulatory Services

Nurse clinicians

Medical assistance services and the requirements on how they are provided by clinical nurses at Sanned Clinic are part of our daily agenda. These assistance services and nursing care represent a large part of the services offered by Sanned, in a courteous and confidential atmosphere.

1. Specialized nurses

Our clinical nurses are specialized in various types of services such as: vaccination, wound care, hormonal contraception, ambulatory blood pressure measurement. Specialization allows the nurse clinician to be an expert in the area in which they provide service and specialization opens doors for advancement in the clinic.

In addition, specialization and certification provide the patient and our clinic with the assurance that the services offered are as competent as possible in a specific area of ​​care.

2. Our clinical nurses perform field work and provide outpatient services Services that involve care in an outpatient environment are also beginning to be in greater demand.

The provision of ambulatory services comes with a series of advantages, both for the nurses who provide these services, for the patients and for the medical system. Ambulatory service nurses offer patients the opportunity to be cared for in their home environment that adequately meets their health needs, and hospitals, emergencies can be freed from unnecessary congestion and can focus on serious cases and urgent.

Also, with the demographic trend of aging population, demand for geriatric medical services will increase and hence the need for specialization for these services will also increase.

3. Emergence into autonomy

Clinical nurses at the Sanned Clinic, using their knowledge and skills, can also make recommendations that help guide patients through the sometimes extremely complicated process of care. Practically, the nurse clinician helps those who need to navigate the healthcare system and adopt holistic approaches to improve their lifestyle. They help patients understand their current state of health – the tests, the diagnosis, the medications.

This role has grown in importance as the population ages and chronic health conditions become more widespread.

Other nursing services offered:

  • Administration of vaccines
  • Administration of drugs by different routes (PO, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, etc.)
  • Ear wash
  • Dressings
  • Wound care and treatment
  • Prescribe emergency hormonal contraception

The services offered by the clinical nurses at the Sanned clinic are not covered by the RAMQ. These costs are mostly covered by private insurance companies.


Clinique Sanned offers personalized medical solutions. The last few years have shown us that prevention and health care have become a priority for all these categories, a trend now accentuated by the pandemic, but which we believe will continue even after overcoming the current context. Subscribers have understood the importance of having a subscription with multiple and complex services, which allows them to consult whenever necessary. In addition to the medical services offered, a Sanned subscription is also a complete digital experience. Everything can happen online: from making an appointment or for a minor emergency consultation, personal information, medications, medical history and billing statement, are the configurations that are currently in your Patient Portal. After the first visit with the professional, if you are not satisfied with the services offered, we will refund in full your subscription.


1. Healthy Patient Subscription is available to relatively healthy patients taking medication. Treatment aims to detect and prevent the disease.

Includes four (4) consultations with the professional, including:

  • an annual examination or health check
  • follow-up of the health check-up (results, treatment, and/or recommendation)
  • two (2) new consultations or follow-ups
nurse, medicine, doctor-2019420.jpg

2. Chronic disease patient subscription is offered to patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Includes eight (8) consultations with the professional, including:

  • an annual examination or health check
  • follow-up of the health check-up (results, treatment, and/or recommendation)
  • six (6) new consultations or follow-ups

Members of a family living at the same address benefit from a 10% reduction on the individual subscription.

In the packages mentioned above you benefit from the following services:

  • laboratory tests
  • medication renewal
  • complete a form at your request
  • priority appointment, from 5:00 p.m. the day before the consultation (in the Patient Portal)

3. VIP Membership

VIP subscription is a program that offers concrete solutions to detect important health problems using modern methods. A complete assessment of your state of health will be made.

The program includes the investigation of the state of health with the aim of early detection and prevention of serious and very serious conditions.

This screening program is recommended for anyone who wants to check their health.

The benefits of this program:

  • no cancellation or late appointment fees
  • priority appointment
  • early diagnosis that can prevent the disease
  • meet a team of professionals with great expertise in health
  • analyzes carried out in certified laboratories
  • private VIP environment
  • personalized recommendations


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