Why work with an agency?

By working with an agency, you benefit from a constant income with a flexible program according to your needs and your availability. You can work in the regions of your choice and in the field in which you have experience. You are part of a creative team that helps you develop your unique projects and allows you to focus on your personal life and professional development.

Why Sanned?

With us you are always learning new things, you are constantly on the move and the key to success is keeping up with the changes. If you are a curious person who likes to be on the lookout for everything that is new in the field of health, then Sanned is a fair choice.

What are your availability requirements?

We do not need a minimum of availability. Your needs and availability are entirely up to you.

Full time, part time or occasional shifts?

There are many requests and offers, you have the option of working full-time or part-time depending on the field of activity and the region in which you wish to practice. You are not required to work weekends; however, some establishments require availability of one weekend out of two, especially for long-term replacement.

I would like to work in up North or in the emergency room, a field of practice in which I have no experience. Will this be possible?

With Sanned everything is possible. To work in North, you will need a certain training, including extensive expanded role training. If you want to work in the emergency room, we can train you in certain establishments. Projects are unique and come from different fields, we all had a start in everything and that’s why you need to familiarize yourself with new information and knowledge.

Staff training, a necessity or a priority?

Sanned wishes to maintain a high standard in the provision of quality care and for this we regularly provide training to our staff. Vocational training helps in the successful professional development of a person in the field of health.

In an employment agency you know a lot of people, you have the opportunity to travel and work in unique places like in the Far North, meet colleagues with whom you will exchange the most creative and daring ideas, come across situations that will surprise with the most unexpected requirements.


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