Ambulatory Services

Doctors available

Sanned Clinic is delighted to welcome you to the crossroads of Île Bizard with professional and dynamic medical staff, modern equipment, and a warm atmosphere. We are concerned with the quality of the medical act and its rapid accessibility.

Looking for a family doctor?

Choose a Sanned Clinic physician you can trust, with whom you feel comfortable discussing your health concerns, and who facilitates a long-term relationship that is essential to preserving your health and the health of your family.

Sanned Benefits

  • Determine your state of health during the first visit
  • Assess possible risk factors
  • Evaluate your lifestyle habits
  • Review your complete medication list
  • Establish a treatment and follow-up plan
  • Find strategies to optimize your health with a focus on prevention

We focus on the quality and efficiency of the investigations and tests to be performed during your visit. For this reason, we ask you to complete the following information on the Patient Portal:

  • the medical questionnaire
  • your medication lists
  • your vaccination
  • previous record (if available)
  • other documents that you deem necessary


132, Boulevard Jacques Bizard
L'Île-Bizard (Québec) H9C 2T9

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