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Our adventure

Sanned was born from the desire and natural interest in the well-being of human, the aspiration to help and offer people health care, at another level. Healthcare professionals, clinicians with great experience in this field, responsible and generous, although a bit demanding and organized, with work that required systematic and conscientious effort, decided to start our own healthcare placement business and clinical.

In our work, we have always looked for a position offering self-expression, in contact with people, a position giving scope to our creative and innovative talents, different from the public health network.
Our mission is to establish a relationship of trust with people to confide in us and seek advice in their daily health problems. With our experience, sincere interest, and desire to help, you can always count on us to see the bright side of any problem.
Our vision is to bring health into the community and let us take care of your health issues with our inspiring optimism.

Our mission

Our mission is to support the development of the Île-Bizard community, which is sustainable and prosperous, to understand the needs of our customers and help them reach their full potential, to provide safe, easy-to-use medical care and services.
We want to be a long-term, efficient, and demanding partner in the delivery of quality care. Constantly modernizing to ensure our customers the guarantee of our efficient and viable projects defines our passion and our curiosity.

Our engagement

Our corporate culture is oriented to people. We focus on the well-being of our employees, offering them a work environment conducive to development, we maintain a close relationship with our partners and collaborators, and we are involved in improving life in the community to which we belong.
Trust is the basis of all our actions and the premise of our success. We confidently accept our promises and offer certainties, consistently proving that we deserve the trust placed in us.
We work together, learning from each other and we succeed together. We ensure that an environment of good understanding, respect and trust is maintained.

Be part of our team

We always exceed our performance limits, constantly aiming to bring meaningful benefits to everyone’s life. We focus on individual success and maintain a high level of performance through passion and continuous involvement.

Our values

  • We work in partnership with families and use our resources professionally.
  • Our strategy is based on well-established objectives aimed at improving everyone’s life.

01. Collaboration

We work together. Collaboration, discussion, listening, this is the basis for establishing an action plan to help people achieve better results. In this way, we will create an environment of good understanding, respect, and trust. We encourage diversity, and together with all our colleagues, partners, and customers, we will be more successful together than individually.

02. Responsability

We act responsibly. We take responsibility for our actions, and we will make significant changes. Individually or as a team, we assume the decisions made and we are responsible for the results of our work. As responsible members of our community, we are proud and aware of our actions.

03. Learning

We are thirsty to learn. Through learning, we experience personal progress, and we learn from our experiences, education, and knowledge sharing. Experimenting and applying knowledge can also lead to mistakes, but in this way, we can become even better, because learning and curiosity help us to innovate and move forward.

04. Proactivity

We are proactive. We look to the future and drive change ourselves. We focus on possibility, not difficulty, and we turn indecision into decision and reactivity into proactivity. Through courage and determination, we make a difference, because even a small progress today will lead to a big result tomorrow.

Continuing education

To function well, the essential role is given to education and continuing training, to provide quality care with up-to-date knowledge and guided by great scientific rigour.
Our requirement is to keep the professional knowledge of our employees up to date. For this we offer regular training, such as: ACLS, CPR, expanded role.


132, Boulevard Jacques Bizard
L'Île-Bizard (Québec) H9C 2T9

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